Blog: Moonwalk 2016: Empathy and high heels

moonwalkNever did I think I could walk 26 miles, but walk 26 miles I did (with my friend and business partner, Vanessa…through the streets of London….with our decorated bra’s showing…and with thousands of other women (and some men) to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.

It was a little bit of a personal challenge. But it was so much more than that. It was, for me, saying to anyone out there who has gone through cancer (any kind), or going through it now, you are not alone.

I have gone through an awful lot of loss and sadness in my life, but I have been so very lucky (so far) in so much as I have been very physically well. Watching my 15 year old daughter die from a painful illness and her biological mother die of cancer 11 years before, I have some idea. However I can still only imagine the challenges, pain and fear that you go though with cancer and its treatment. But maybe that is what I (we) should be doing….imagining.

We all are aware of the obvious affects of cancer, but are we aware of the the day to day things that someone with cancer goes though, probably not! And why is this? Well cancer is personal to everyone and needs empathy, understanding and support. Support for what that individual person deals with and needs, not what we think they deal with or need.

I won’t pretend this walk was easy, it wasn’t. I was in pain for a big part of it, as I am sure many were. But, what I and Vanessa kept telling ourselves, is this is nothing in comparison to what we imagine it might feel like to have breast cancer, and on top of that, the pain would be short lived. We used our empathy to do this. As did so many who achieved the challenge too.

medalSo this medal that I am of course very proud of, really is a reminder to me to keep empathising. To keep believing in the power of it and when we respond to our empathy, what can be achieved.To all those people who over the years have received one of these medals and raised millions of pounds in the process. shoes

As for me the day following Moonwalk 2016 I am proud to have shared such an event. I am glad to be good at empathy and I am VERY glad I am a woman so that I can legitimately wear high heels and I don’t have to try and put my poor left heel to the ground. Because…… it hurts!!!!!  WELL DONE TO ALL FELLOW MOONWALKERS , wherever you are, especially the 87 year old woman and 92 year old man!!!



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