News: Empathy found as the No. 1 skill of a great leader

A study by Development Dimensions International found that of more than 15,000 leaders in 18 countries workers who master empathy make the most successful leaders. It cited empathy as the No. 1 skill of a great leader.

Customer or employees care conceptIt states that ‘successful leadership is defined by a single ingredient: it’s mastering successful conversations. By looking at the relationship between interaction skills and job performance, it’s easy to see why empathy is so important’.

Overwhelmingly, empathy tops the list as the most critical driver of overall performance. It also consistently relates to higher performance in each of the four leadership domains.”

In the full research report    and in the section ‘Is Empathy Boss’ (Page 20), it states that…’For more than four decades, DDI has been developing millions of leaders in a set of eight interaction skills. These fall within two broad categories: providing structure to conversations (practical skills) and engaging others (personal skills). While all the skills are critical, we wanted to determine which have the highest impact on overall performance for early stage leaders and whether this conclusion would vary based on the purpose of the conversation.’

It went on to say that ‘Overwhelmingly, empathy tops the list as the most critical driver of overall performance. It also consistently relates to higher performance in each of the four leadership domains. Note, however, that only 40 percent of the frontline leaders we assessed were proficient or strong in empathy, the second lowest skill as shown in the “Effectiveness in Interaction Skills” graphic. We consider empathy to be an EQ anchor skill, an important factor in leadership success’


screenshot-11 © Development Dimensions International, Inc., 2016. All rights reserved.

using empathy in leadershipUsing Empathy in Leadership

Description: This one-day course examines, in a unique, thought provoking and human way, the important role empathy plays in good leadership. Delegates will develop understanding of the psychology of emotionally focused thinking and outcomes and learn essential skills to understand and implement effective relationship focused work, underpinned with empathy and emotional development. This course is particularly suitable for leaders and managers is health and social care.

Courses available to for:

Using Empathy to Help Resolve Complaints

Using Empathy Effectively to Aid Communication

Using Empathy to Improve the Experience of Care in Care Homes

Courses run by Carolyn Cleveland. Trainer and adviser on empathyCarolyn

“I found it a really powerful session, which made me reflect on how processes and systems can block empathy, and also on how sometimes we can think we are listening to someone but we really are not” Complaints Manager.     





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