Seen the feedback? A Journey Through Complaints Using Empathy

It was such a great of people at my last ‘A Journey Through Complaints Using Empathy’ From Complaints Managers, PALS, Care Home Staff, Practice Managers and Litigation Serious Investigators, the group shared, listened, opened up their minds, challenged their thinking and discussed how reasoned empathy and emotional awareness enables best practice in the difficult and challenging work of NHS Complaints.

I never fail to be in awe of the people I come into contact with in my work. Facilitator I may be, but the great thing about working in this field, is that you have the privileged position of hearing peoples stories. With feedback like I got on this last session from the 21st March and my testimonials, I know I am connecting with those I work with. What better fulfilment could I hope for. Thank you to all those who have attending my training.

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Key Learning Outcomes:

1.Understanding a journey through complaints – observing hidden cues, reading and understanding ’emotional data’

2. Identifying and understanding empathic and emotionally focused thinking

3. How lack of empathy in one-on-one encounters has the potential to cause psychological harm

4. Understanding what gets in the way and develop, manage and optimise reasoned empathy in complaints

5. How to help achieve meaningful resolutions and reach a ‘Safeguarded Personal Resolution’ ® and learn lessons

6. Understand how to be more self-reflective and use these skills for personal well being, best practice and CPD appraisal


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