Doing more than writing action plans! How GP receptionist staff interacted on this empathy workshop, and how it impacted on them

Interacting. Thinking outside the box. Engaging with emotions and actions. And doing more than writing action plans. That was just some of the work that the GP receptionists did during my time working with them, as they questioned how they made a real difference to themselves, colleagues and their patients and loved ones, that went way beyond procedure and protocol. Indeed how it helped them to remember to build that human connection with others. And that started in the room and how we all interacted as facilitator and medical practice staff……as human beings, with all that we individually carry around with us.

Throughout the day, staff explored, examined, questioned, felt, experienced, shared and discussed what emotional motivations can be behind complaints, what impact the amount of things going into the ‘funnel of life’ as I call it, has on us. And how you recognise, read and respond to emotional data to improve and validate the emotional experience that another is having. I watched, as I often do, trepidation and often resistance, turn into openness and transparency and even a few tears: Empathy and real felt emotion starting to emerge and understanding on how to manage it and, most importantly, humour and an acceptance of our great attributes and the ones that hinder us. Yep, we laugh at ourselves as we explore the best way to optimise our empathic abilities for the good of those we come into contact with and may need it. Often those going through complaints in the NHS.

Did they enjoy it??? Well the feedback speaks for itself :-)For more information about this training click on the link A Journey Through Complaints Using Empathy or see my website:

Screenshot (154)


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