Want to be successful? IQ counts for roughly 10% while the rest depends on everything else including EI.

An article by The Nation discusses the role emotional Intelligence and particularly, empathy, plays in people’s well-being. They state that…

5 billion people living on this planet Earth have multidimensional personalities.
They express a lot of different ways to show their emotions, behaviours and make personal decisions to achieve dynamic results.

The ability to be aware of, control and express one’s emotions, as well as to handle mutual relationships, both sympathetically and judiciously, is called “Emotional Intelligence (EI)”. In the modern era of time, an individual’s success depends upon the ability to understand others’ emotions and react accordingly.
EI depends upon five core elements: self- awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. We must develop the mature Emotional Intelligence skills required to better understand, empathise and negotiate with the other people.

In fact, psychologists generally agree that among the components for success, IQ counts for roughly 10% while the rest depends on everything else including EI.

Pakistani society has been facing certain emotional challenges for a very long period of time. People have been adversely affected by warfare and intolerance resulting into anxiety, depression and doubtfulness about the future. Most of the people are unable to manage their emotions, stress and build trust between their relationships.
Empathy and mutual understanding plays a very vital role in providing a junction in dealing with these problems. Pakistani people have to train themselves emotionally strong enough in order to face each and every challenge of life.

Empathy and emotional awareness are both strong and powerful human attributes to optimise, and like with all human attributes, development often mean taking something like communication, that has become an automatic action and fine tuning it a little more, to develop and extend its capabilities. Listening to the emotional experience we or another is having and to recognise and tune into the emotional data is key. Catching the information from yourself and others takes understanding and a willingness to engage in analytical thinking to make sure you are facilitating communication and not talking in defence. So if you want to be successful and strive to empower your organisational team to be successful then paying attention to the 90% factor of EQ rather than the 10% factor of IQ is well worth the investment.

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Original news source: http://nation.com.pk/letters/08-May-2017/emotional-intelligence


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