C&C Empathy Training ’empowering’ and changing culture.

C&C Empathy Training Ltd, held one of their thought-provoking training days A Journey Through Complaints Using Empathy, on Friday 12th May, at Stevenage. The course was attended by NHS Provider Complaints Managers/Staff, Branch Managers for a Private Nursing Provider, CCG Complaints Manager/Staff, NHS Resolve NHSR (previously NHS Litigation), and a CaMHS practitioner.

CarolynAs company founder as well as facilitator of these sessions, the feedback and impact that the training has on individuals is very significant. As companies, both small and large, strive for a healthy happy workforce and retention, good customer experience and develop a productive and ethical culture, training that challenges thinking through authentic human connection and empathically focused thinking is vital.

To read words from attendees who work in the demanding and often thankless job like complaints and customer experience, such as…….‘Very impressed and I feel empowered’, (NHS Complaints Officer)  ‘Many areas to reflect on and discuss with colleagues, friends and myself!’ (NHS Resolve)  and ‘I will try to get Virgin Care to replace the term complainant.’ (Virgin Care Customer Experience Officer), ‘Amazing! – Very relevant on complaints and people’s attitudes’ and ‘I loved it’ (Private nurse provider branch managers), is very satisfying.

My unique approach to training and stepping into the sometimes uncomfortable world of emotions, by ‘going on a journey’, is not only informing work forces, but is AAEAAQAAAAAAAAO9AAAAJDgyMjViYzFmLTlhN2EtNDIwYS04MTUyLWVkMmZhYzUzM2Q5MQempowering staff in terms of well-being and in terms of customer experience. Also though, in successfully encouraging individuals to challenge how they and their organisation views complaints, biases and how they label, is a proud moment for me as a business owner and training provider…and indeed human being, who as believed in this for as long as she can remember, as it recognises the tiny steps toward positive culture change my company is making.

Thank you to ALL those who attended a great day and that opened their minds to grow intellectually and emotionally, in turn teaching me things to and helping develop C&C Empathy Training. Oh and for the jolly good laugh we all had too!

Have a look for yourself at the feedback below.

To book a training session with me or to discuss your requirements email:       carolyn@cc-et.co.uk    Follow me on twitter @carolynccet

Screenshot (162)



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