Founder of C&C Empathy Training Carolyn Cleveland gets nominated for TED talk by a customer

The Founder of C&C Empathy Training Carolyn Cleveland has been nominated to do a TED talk by a customer Keir Gill, Senior Manager, Compliance and Improvement, Arts Council England,  who originally saw Carolyn present at a Public Sector Conference in London last September, talking about the role of empathy in complaints, difficult conversations and well-being. He was so taken aback by the emotive and insightful way that Carolyn engaged the audience, that he booked her for a full days training at the Arts Council where he worked and the involved the Big Lottery Fund, Sports Council and Heritage Fund.

Keir had already been kind enough to provide a testimonial for Carolyn about her presentation and subsequent training….

Throughout a twenty year career in handling difficult conversations I have never felt as inspired as I did hearing Carolyn speak. Her ability to create an environment where we can fully understand the power of empathy and its effects on both us and our service users is both exceptional and important in equal measure. The perspective, understanding and skills I have gained from this training will be used to enhance our organisational approach to handling difficult conversations and improve how we respond to the emotional needs of our users. Carolyn’s training combines significant professional and academic expertise with a truly delightful personality set against the backdrop of heart breaking tragedy. I feel confident in saying that we can all learn something deeply important from her both professionally and personally. I am incredibly grateful to have crossed her path.

Keir has decided not to stop there though and has just nominated Carolyn for TED talks.

Says Carolyn….”I could not feel more honoured. My presentations and training comes from one of the most challenging and difficult times of my life and to be nominated by Keir is a huge honour”.

To find out more about Carolyn’s training and speaking roles see C&C Empathy Training website




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