News: Rob Behrens (PHSO) speaks on BBC News about hospitals empowering nurses and clinicians to listen carefully to concerns.

Rob Behrens,Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman, speaking on BBC Breakfast News today (17th August, 2017), about complaints said:

“Hospitals need to listen and respond to concerns before that become complaints. Unfortunately practices in the NHS are not consistent in this way”.

Screenshot (186)He went on to say:

“When things go wrong it is incredibly important to listen to those concerned”.

Following the PHSO research on elderly people in hospital and raising concerns, he said:

“Hospitals have to find a way to enable nurses, who do a tremendous job for the NHS, and clinicians to listen carefully to patients so they can act when something is a concern rather than a complaint.”

Finally he said: “I am determined to there will be a change but not confident, on the basis of past record, that progress is going to be quick. It is incumbent upon hospitals, regulators and the Ombudsman to work together to make sure that situation changes quickly”.

Original source (1 hr, 12 minutes in)

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A selection of comments from the feedback forms:

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  • Thoughtful personal experiences delivered sensitively
  • Very powerful, emotive day. Very well presented and delivered professionally
  • Content was meaningful as it was real
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